Monday, July 6, 2009

4th of July 2009

Todd had his tonsils pulled out 10 days ago so we weren't to sure what we were doing for the fourth but we ended up going to Heber at the last minute. We had a blast! We hung out with Todd's parents and his sister's Michelle & Charity with their families. We've gone up there a few times for the 4th of July and it's been great. Beats the heat for sure.
On our way up to Heber, we stopped in Rye to pick up a gas cap for our Razor. We ended up walking out not only with a gas cap but also with a new motorcyle for Tyler. We felt like we got such a great deal on it we couldn't pass up the opportunity. Here is Tyler going for ride on his new mortorcycle! What a lucky kid!

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Chelley said...

We had a great time, too! Really cute pictures!