Friday, August 28, 2009

Tyler's Cell Phone

I can't believe we got a cell phone for a 7 year old who is in 1st grade. Todd and I have been discussing when do kids get a cell phone or not one at all. Neither one of us was really crazy at first about giving one to him so soon. The kids in our area are in at least 4th grade and he wants to go play/ hang out with them. Most of the kids are a few blocks away from our house and so we decided to get him a phone. This is the FireFly phone. You can use the FireFly's service or AT&T cell phone service. It's nice because we haven't told him what his cell number is so only those that we have given number to can only call him. The other feature is that we had to program his contacts with a computer and so he can't manually add new ones. This makes it so Tyler can only call certain people that are allowed in his list.

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Driel said...

Crazy! That is so neat. Tyler is a stud. Miley is adorable! We need to have another family reunion.